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Description of all flavors of HEETS sticks for IQOS

Description of all flavors of HEETS sticks for IQOS

April 12, 2022
Description of all flavors of HEETS sticks for IQOS

When buying an IQOS tobacco heating device, new users have many questions. In this article, you will learn what sticks are, the principles of their use, their types and recommendations for choosing. And also why they are superior to cigarettes. HEETS is like a pack of cigarettes, contains 20 pieces of tobacco sticks.

Device, composition and principles of use

In order to most clearly explain the composition of the tobacco stick, below is a list of its parts:

  1. Natural tobacco with the addition of water, glycerin and cellulose fiber.
  2. Acetate fiber filter.
  3. A film to maintain a comfortable temperature level.
  4. Filter (similar to a cigarette filter).
  5. A thin layer of foil between the paper and the tobacco sheet through which glycerin flows. Thanks to the foil, the heating lasts much longer, which is a novelty in modified sticks.

IQOS uses high temperatures to heat the tobacco sticks. As a result, aerosol smoke is formed.

HEETS stick types by taste and strength

HEETS Amber Label

The orange pack is considered to be similar to regular strong cigarettes. Suitable for experienced smokers, due to the fact that the sticks are as close to cigarettes as possible and reveal the real taste of tobacco. Together with the taste and strength level, it is recommended for people who switched to IQOS immediately after cigarettes.

HEETS Yellow Label

This classic version is in demand for beginners. Specialized for people who have not had time to get used to the unusual taste of IQOS. It will satisfy many smokers for daily use.

HEETS Turquoise Label

The taste of tobacco is practically not felt, since they have a special button, that when pressed, releases the unforgettable aroma of menthol. Recommended for people who cannot stand the smell of tobacco. Suitable for those who do not like strong cigarettes.

HEETS Purple Label

These sticks have a berry and menthol flavor and smell that is not as strong as the Turquoise Label sticks. High quality tobacco with additional flavorings is used. In different versions, it can have a purple, pink or lilac color. The pack smells strongly of mint, but the taste of these sticks is pleasant and balanced.

HEETS Bronze Label

Suitable for people who love the smell and taste of chocolate. The sticks will give you a bright cocoa taste and a soft dried fruit aftertaste. Created for connoisseurs of unique flavors. The name itself says what color the pack is. If you have switched from cigarettes and preferred brands such as Capitan Black before, then this taste is clearly for you.

HEETS Green Label

They have a pleasant richness of menthol with the addition of citrus. It is generally accepted that the product is the best in its field, according to the judgment of the majority of IQOS users. It has a bright green hue and, like the Turquoise Label, the color denotes the presence of menthol. They have a good and refreshing taste.


Recognized by its dark brown pack. When you open it, you can smell the pleasant scent of lemon and coffee. The stick descriptions indicate that it has a warm nutty feel with a hint of citrus. They are considered not very strong and are easy to smoke. Great for those who prefer Yellow Label sticks.


Black and green pack with a soft mix of aromatic herbs and fresh spices. The flavor is very high in menthol, which is reminiscent of the Turquoise Label sticks. Very characteristic of constant smoking, as the prevailing mint drowns out other odors, but are recommended for purchase for a variety of sensations. Frosty and refreshing menthol goes well with citrus scent.


It is a replacement for the Purple Label, the packaging is of a dark purple color. A stunning combination of fruity notes with an energetic scent of floral aromas. When puffed, the taste of menthol and a very bright and dense taste of flowers are felt. Slightly stronger than its predecessors. Feels like a scent of perfume, so girls like it more than guys.

HEETS Apricity

The packaging is orange. This is the combination of apricot and the taste of a good cigarette. While smoking, a woody aroma can be traced, and the aftertaste is reminiscent of something fruity. Similar to Amber Label sticks, they feel softer and have a warm fruity flavor.

Other types of sticks for IQOS

In addition to HEETS sticks, there is also a line of Marlboro sticks.

- Balanced Regular - is the closest to the taste of ordinary cigarettes.

- Regular - are a richer option that doesn't bore too much.

- Smooth Regular - has a nutty aroma with faint notes.

- Mint - is a mint flavor that completely overpowers the tobacco flavor.

- Menthol - Despite the fresh menthol aroma, the taste of tobacco is still felt.

- Purple Menthol - with menthol flavor and aroma, when pressed on the capsule, blueberry aroma is released.

Also there are sticks that do not contain nicotine. These are the brands Healcier, Neafs, Ccobato etc. These products are in demand among people who want to overcome addiction and quit a bad habit. They have a mild, balanced aroma with hints of morning coffee that will provide not only an unforgettable taste, but will also be a good alternative to tobacco consumption.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

In order to distinguish an original pack of sticks from a fake, you need to know the composition of the original stick. Also, a fake has a pungent and unpleasant smell, and more smoke is emitted when smoking, so you will immediately feel the difference between the original and the counterfeit product.

In order to create counterfeit products, it is necessary to have accurate information about the composition and proportions of the tobacco mixture. Therefore, there is a very small chance that you will come across a fake.

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